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Connectivité Bluetooth
Niveau d’activité 3

ORION2 instinctively combines the unique hybrid knee control and new software to give users flawless performance.

The ORION2 uses Motion Integrated Intelligence (Mi2) to give users more security, modes for cycling and restful standing and the best progressive speed control yet. Its sensors measure knee action in real time and respond to the input sensor data better because the ORION2 increases the hydraulic support as the knee flexion angle increases ensuring stability.

This gentle progressive increase gives a comfortable sense of support security. The microprocessor controlled pneumatic swing control offers a wide range of speed control with natural swing at slow speeds and an increasingly more robust response when walking faster. 

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  • Suitable for Level 3 activity
  • Fixed Angle Lock at any angle up to 45°
  • New Deep Yield for enhanced ramp and stairs support
  • Progressive speed control
  • Microprocessor swing and stance control
  • Cycling mode for free knee operation
  • Knee flexion to 130°
  • Choice of laptop or Smart Programming

Caractéristiques techniques

Activity level


Max. user weight


Component weight


Build height



Max. user weight: 125kg
Activity level:  3
Component weight:  1.35kg
Build height: 250mm
Control unit:  MPK Hydraulic/Pneumatic



Part Number:

ORION2 – rotating prox pyramid
ORION2-NRP – non-rotating prox pyramid


Battery charger – 950215
10-30V DC charger – 950224
Mains adapter UK – 950103
Mains adapter US – 950104
Mains adapter EU – 950105
Charger adapter – 239051

Une inspection visuelle est recommandée tous les ans. Vérifiez les défauts visuels qui peuvent affecter le bon fonctionnement. L'entretien doit être effectué par un personnel compétent.

Last updated: 14 juillet 2015


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